Board of Directors

Representation on the Board of Directors is structured as follows: two elected officials of Webb County; three elected officials and two nongovernmental members representing “business” and “community based organizations” for the City of Laredo; two elected officials for Starr County; one elected official for the City of Roma; one elected official for the City of La Grulla; two elected officials for Jim Hogg County; one elected official for the City of Rio Grande City; one elected official representing City of Escobares; one elected official and one nongovernmental member representing “agriculture” for Zapata County; and at large, one nongovernmental member representing “labor” and one nongovernmental member representing “ethnic minorities.”

STDC Board Meeting: June 12, 2014

Eloy Vera Chairman County Judge, Starr County
Rosaura “Wawi” Tijerina Vice-Chairman Commissioner, Webb County
Sandalio Ruiz Secretary- Treasurer Commissioner, Jim Hogg County
Jose M. Alvarez, Jr. At- Large/Ethnic Minorities
Jorge Vera Councilman, City of Laredo
Fred Dickey Community Organizations
Noel Escobar Mayor, City of Escobares
Abelardo Alaniz Commissioner, Jim Hogg County
Mike Montemayor Commissioner, Webb County
Roy Pena Commissioner, Starr County
Pedro Flores Mayor, City of La Grulla
Ruben Villarreal Mayor, City of Rio Grande City
Braulio Martinez At- Large/Organized Labor
Joseph Rathmell County Judge, Zapata County
Eloy Vera County Judge, Starr County
Cynthia Liendo Councilman, City of Laredo
Eddie Martinez Commissioner, Zapata County
Juan Narvaez Councilman, City of Laredo
Larry Freeman City of Laredo
Jose Alfredo Guerra Mayor, City of Roma